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Explore the Galaxy in VR!

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See the Milkyway in 3D with rotating stars. View REAL stars, constellations and Star Systems

Upload an image, your website and description linked to the stars

Tweet or facebook share your star and Be seen by stargazers all over the universe


There is beauty in our universe and our galaxy. Most of us do not have a telescope. Milkywaystars allows a cool, interactive and Educational way to see real stars and explore the universe.

Be a Virtual Astronomer without having a telescope or leaving your seat. You will see more through this website than having your own telescope. You can even see the milkyway galaxy in Virtual Reality(VR) with Google Cardboard.

See the Milky way like never before. Interact with stars, star systems and constellations. Most important of all, just enjoy the experience and beauty of the galaxy, while navigating amongst the stars. See reals stars, other galaxies and stella objects.

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This is an artistic, enchanting and evolving 3D rotating version of the Milkyway. The galaxy is composed of colourful stars, stunning spiral arms and has many small to huge nebulae. Our galaxy classification is of type “SBc”, which is a spiral galaxy with relatively loosely wound arms. "Milkywaystars.com" has a collection of 15013 stars and 163 star systems. There is a super-massive black hole at the galaxy core. Who else knows what secrets there are to be discovered. Enjoy exploring...

Own a Star

Anyone can be part of the galaxy

You can be part of the milky way by owning a star in the 3D galaxy and your star is a real star that exists in our Milkyway. We've taken 15013 of the closest stars to earth, up to 244 light years away. When you click or search for your star, you'll get to see your star as it appears in the Milky way. You will also upload a picture of yourself/loved one/business etc, add your website/twitter/facebook page link. You can write a message for everyone to see.


what's in the galaxy

Variable rotating stars

Stars in 3D with each with different speeds


Each constellation is dynamically built

Star Systems and Regions

Highlights where the stars are located

Explore the Universe

Explore other galaxies and nebulae

Star Profiles

8 star profiles are displayed at any given time.

Interactive Stars

Every star is interactive

Browser Support

Supports most modern browsers

Encharting Music

Music by Dexter Britain


Advanced lighting for stars and galaxy core

Star Types

Multi-colored & variable sized stars


Realistic transforming dust clouds

Star Profile Samples

Examples of content you can add
Star profile Samples

Get your very own "Certificate of Star Ownership"

The high-tech certificate is generated and after you complete your profile, We'll email it to you INSTANTLY

Fully Interactive Galaxy

Take 15013 of Earth's Closest Stars
Put them in a Virtual Milky Way Galaxy to interact with them.

Star Profile

Each star is linked to a REAL star in our Milky Way Galaxy.
Design your own star profile.
Add your own image and Description.

Be Seen

The internet awaits you
This immersive galaxy will attract
attention from all over the world.
Own a star or constellation

What do you get?

Advertise your personal content, business product or website. Get a Certificate of Star Ownership. Suprise your loved ones with the prefect GIFT!!!

Interact with 3D Nebula like never before

We are all so use to seeing images of nebulae but you can't beat a 3D model.

Procedural Models you can almost touch.

Mathematically Generated particles for detailed effect

The most famous Nebulae brought to life

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